The International Auster Club shall be a club for the benefit of owners, operators and enthusiasts of Auster type aircraft.

The Club's aim shall be to bring together persons with a common interest in Auster aircraft, and to promote the survival of the type in an airworthy state through the provision of information and advice as is within

the scope of the Club's technical and financial resources.


1) Rule A Rule is a statement of policy that has been accorded the status of a Rule by a majority of three or more votes at a General Meeting.

2) By-Law

A by-Law is a temporary Rule that has been made by the Committee.

3) Aircraft - any Auster type and high wing Beagle or Taylorcraft Aircraft.

Rule 1: Categories and qualification for Membership.

1) Full Member

Any person normally resident in the United Kingdom and paying the appropriate subscription.

2) Overseas Membership

Any person resident normally outside the United Kingdom and paying the appropriate subscription.

3) Heritage Group Membership

Any person belonging to the Heritage Group and paying the appropriate subscription to the IAC.

4) Honorary Membership

Membership granted by invitation to any individual whom the Committee considers qualify for membership by way of special reason or circumstances.

Rule 2: Granting and Ratification of Membership.

1) Membership of Full, Overseas, and Heritage Group categories may be granted by the Membership Secretary, subject to ratification of the Committee.

2) Membership in the Honorary category may be granted by the Committee, but shall be subject to ratification at an Annual General Meeting.

3) The appointment of a person to the post of Honorary President or Honorary Vice-President requires the unanimous agreement of the Committee.

Rule 3: Voting Rights.

General Meetings: All fully paid up members of the International Auster Club attending a meeting shall have one vote, all members shall be eligible to vote either in person or by post or e-mail.

Voting at an AGM will normally be by a show of hands with a count of posted or e-mail votes cast to be added to the total vote. If a show of hands is inappropriate, or is held but is deemed inconclusive, then at the

discretion of the Secretary, or if demanded by five members present, a poll shall be held of the members present. Proxy votes submitted to the Secretary in writing or by e-mail will be accepted. The Hon Secretary

or the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote. Committee Meetings: All elected committee members shall have one vote either in person or by proxy; if the vote should be tied then the Hon Sec or Chairperson

shall have the deciding vote.

Rule 4: Quorum.

General Meeting: Not less than ten members.

Committee Meeting: Not less than four members.

Rule 5: Election of Committee Members.

1) Committee Members shall be elected from the Membership at a General Meeting, but exceptionally the elected Committee may co-opt Club members on to the Committee for specific tasks, or to replace

an elected Committee Member.

2) Committee Members shall be elected for two years.

3) The Committee shall endeavor to meet not less than twice per calendar year; these meetings can be an electronic committee meeting if so desired.

Rule 6: Membership Fees.

1) Membership Fees shall be determined by the Club Committee.

2) Annual Subscription. An annual subscription may be set by a simple majority vote of members present at the AGM or an EGM.

3) Membership Fees are to be paid within 28 days of formal demand. In the event that fees are not paid, the Committee may at their discretion terminate that Membership.

4) Honorary Membership shall confer exemption from payment of a Membership Fee.

5) Constructive Resignation. No member shall participate in or receive any of the privileges or advantages of membership until the appropriate subscription has been paid. A member failing to renew his

subscription within three months of the due date shall be deemed to have resigned.

Rule 7: Club Monies.

1) All monies coming into the possession of the Club shall be

properly recorded, and shall be paid into a Bank or Paypal account in the International Auster Club's name.

2) The Club's accounts shall be audited annually by the treasurer, and the accounts so audited shall be laid before the Membership at the next subsequent Annual General Meeting.

3) The Committee will be responsible for the appointment of an Auditor if one is required.


1) Keeping & Auditing of Accounts. Accounts books shall be kept to show all monies received and disbursed by the IAC and shall be audited annually by the Treasurer elected at the previous AGM for that purpose.

In the event of the resignation or incapacitation of the Treasurer, a replacement may be elected by the Committee.

2) Maximum Cash Holding. A sum equivalent to not more than four times the annual subscription may be held in cash with the exception of monies required to run an IAC sales event, which will be as required by the event organiser.

The remainder of the IAC funds are to be banked within 48 hours of receipt, or 5 days if received during a Bank Holiday weekend.

.Authorisation of Payments. Payments may be made by either the Hon Sec , Treasurer or 2 members appointed for this purpose, neither of whom may be current auditor.

3) Reimbursement of Expenses. The Committee may authorise reimbursement to any member of reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the IAC, except that where the Hon Sec/ Treasurer require payment

they may not authorise payment to themselves but must seek authorisation from one other independent committee member.

Rule 8: General Meeting.

1) Annual General Meeting: (A.G.M.)

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in each calendar year, and not more than three months after the anniversary of the previous meeting.

2) Extraordinary General Meeting: (E.G.M)

Extraordinary General Meetings shall be held within six weeks of a written request by not less than six current Members of the Club. Such Meetings may also be held at the discretion of the Committee.

Agenda. For AGM The following items will be included on the agenda of each AGM:

  • List of members attending.
  • Apologises.
  • Acceptance/amendment of the minutes of the previous AGM.
  • Minutes of any EGM held since the last AGM.
  • Report from the Hon Sec.
  • Report from the Treasurer, if one has been appointed
  • Reports from Membership Secretary.
  • Report from Fly-in coordinator.
  • Approval of the accounts.
  • Approval of the budget for the coming year, including
  • Setting/amending subscription and charges.
  • Motions submitted by members.

Minutes. Minutes of an EGM or AGM will be made available on the IAC web-site within one month of the meeting taking place; this will be the only place of record for minutes. Only members present may seek to have

these minutes amended. To do so they must submit the proposed amendment in writing to the Hon Sec who chaired the meeting, giving their grounds for amendment. If the EGM or AGM chair-person or Hon Sec accepts

the proposed amendment as valid the record will be changed accordingly before it is presented to the next AGM.

Rule 9: Discipline.

1) The Committee may expel from Membership any Member who, directly or by association, brings the Club into disrepute, or who fails to obey any Club rule or Bye-Law, or who commits any act that could be described as a

civil or criminal offence according-to United Kingdom Statute or Common Law.

2) Appeals against expulsion may be heard only at a General Meeting and decision of the General Meeting shall be final.

3) Inappropriate Conduct. In the event of any member being charged with conduct which the Committee consider prejudicial to the interests of the International Auster Club that member may be called before

the Committee and, failing a satisfactory explanation, or undertaking, may be cautioned or expelled from membership, as the Committee may determine. Any member so dealt with shall have the right of appeal to the Committee, who

will appoint an arbiter. The decision of the arbiter shall be final.

4) Unauthorised Activity. No member shall purport to speak or act on behalf of the International Auster Club without the specific authority of the Committee.

5) International Auster Club fly-ins can only be called Auster fly-ins after approval of the fly-in coordinator the Safety Officer and one other Committee member (This member must be a Pilot).

Rule 10: Powers.

1) The Committee may make Club Rules and Rules so made shall be known Bye-Laws. Such Rules shall not negate nor set aside any already existing Club Rule, and they must be tabled for ratification at the next General Meeting.

Rule 11: Dissolution.

The IAC may be dissolved if the membership falls below ten full members or by vote on a resolution to that effect by 80% of the members present at a General Meeting or E.G.M, at which there must be a minimum of 30 members.

Upon such a resolution the Committee shall discharge all outstanding debts and liabilities. Any remaining assets and/or property shall not be disbursed or distributed among the members but shall be donated to some

charitable organization of the residual members choice.